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How to Save Money on Expensive Spare Parts – 4×4 edition

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April 9, 2021


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The average car has around 30,000 parts, and car owners spend thousands of dollars to maintain and repair them, to ensure their vehicles run smoothly.

Eventually, some of these vehicle parts will get damaged or worn out, necessitating replacement.

Driving a damaged 4x4 vehicle and hoping for safety is not really an option. However, getting new car spare parts can be an expensive affair.

So, how do we get spare parts without breaking the bank?

How to save money on expensive 4x4 spare parts

It is possible to save money on 4x4 spare parts. The key is finding quality spare parts while controlling costs and avoiding unnecessary risks

1. Shop around

Shopping for spare parts is no different from other forms of shopping.

To get the best deal, you need to shop around and weigh the different options.

For example, say spare part dealer A has a coupon discount of 30% for every $300 purchase and spare parts dealer B has $15 off for a $100 purchase. Consider which spare part you need and who may be the best dealer to buy from.

If you need a more expensive spare part that costs over $300, you may choose dealer A but choose dealer B for cheaper parts costing upto $100. That will ensure you make the best of both offers.

You will be astonished at how much you can save comparing similar spare parts on multiple stores, including online stores.

Alternatively, if you have enough time to spare and can wait for the spare parts to be shipped from the company, it can save you a significant amount.

Don’t forget to use any coupon codes you may have.

2. Shop online

Online shopping for spare parts has become very popular.

Big automotive companies allow clients to shop online and pick directly from their outlets/dealers or get the spare parts shipped.

Shopping online comes with many benefits unavailable in your local dealership, like promo codes and coupons, free delivery, and huge discounts.

Besides, online stores operate 24/7, so you can shop whenever the need arises.

3. Buy used parts

Most 4x4 owners assume buying pre-used spare parts is a bad idea. This is because there is a misconception that only the new spare parts work best.

Therefore, many car owners lose out on great deals.

You can buy pre-owned spares from the junkyard. There are many vehicles that may have been in accidents but have many of the 30,000 parts in perfect working order.

Not counting saving money, buying pre-owned spare parts, you get assured of buying quality and original manufacturer parts.

4. Embrace preventive maintenance

Your 4x4 is an expensive investment. You want to drive it for an extended period without frequent breakdowns.

To achieve this, you need to care about your car.

Not only should you implement safer driving tactics to reduce unwanted damage/scratches, but you need to embrace car protection techniques.

Additionally, keep your car clean, get it serviced regularly and adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Doing this helps to reduce vehicle problems and the need for constant spare parts replacements, inconveniences, risks and safeguards its resale value.

Bottom line

Before you buy any spare parts for your 4x4, do thorough research, shop around, and consider buying online.

Apart from the above money saving tips, you can save further by learning about brand options and alternative brands, ask for experiences from people, get car accessories that will increase their protection and research brands via review sites.

Information is power; don’t shy from asking for guidance. Remember, you always have better saving chances when you make part purchases on your own.

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