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Is an RV Cellular Signal Booster Worth Your Money?

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July 6, 2021


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RVs combine the advantages of mobile homes with an opportunity to explore and travel to new locations every day. Conveniences such as water and power have evolved, such that they are now as reliable as when you are inside your apartment. But we cannot say the same for phone services.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get perfect phone service in all your travel spots. But you can use an RV cellular signal booster to increase your chances of getting usable signals when you are in transit or parked at night. This little piece of equipment packs a punch in terms of improving your live streams and uploads from all your devices.

What’s an RV Cellular Booster?

It is a complex system that collects external cell signals. It passes them through an amplifier inside the RV to boost and broadcast the signals to a spot within the vehicle. Simply put, the system collects weak signals and makes them stronger. You can use the amplified signals to help your hot spot, cell phone, or cellular tablet perform faster.
An RV cellular booster typically comprises an external antenna, internal antenna, low loss cables, and signal amplifier. The cables connect all the components into one piece. The external antenna is mounted on the back ladder or roof of the vehicle and a cable connects it to the amplifier.

The amplifier is placed anywhere inside the vehicle and connects to the internal antenna. When making the connections, ensure you place the amplifier and internal antenna where you want better signals.

Benefits of Installing a Cell Signal Booster in Your RV

It is always a good idea to install a signal booster in your vehicle, especially when you plan to drive or camp off-map or off-the-grid. Below are the benefits of installing the device on your RV.

  • 1. It Improves Your Safety
    Equipping your vehicle with a cell signal booster enhances your safety when you are on a trip. It allows your phone to communicate with any nearby cell tower when you are in a remote area where it is difficult to find service. So if you drive off a beaten path, you can call for help with a booster. You can read this article to get tips for driving off-road.
  • 2. It Stabilizes Cell Service
    When you are streaming videos or texting friends, it might be frustrating to lose signal. However, installing a cell signal booster ensures you stay connected by stabilizing the service. The device communicates with a nearby cell tower, amplifies the signal, and rebroadcasts it to your cell phone and other devices.
  • 3. Drive Off-Map with Confidence
    Installing a signal booster on your vehicle boosts your confidence when you want to travel to remote places with no service. Whether it is a beautiful mountain terrain or a dense wilderness, you can stay connected. And if you need to work on the go, a signal booster makes it possible.

Who Does Not Need an RV Cellular Booster?

You may not need this device if:

  • 1. You do not travel a lot.
  • 2. You already have a good service.
  • 3. You are traveling to an urban area where there’re many cell towers.
  • 4. There is absolutely no network, especially in areas of high congestion and a small number of cell towers. Take note that a signal booster cannot create signals where they do not exist. It also cannot give you preference over other people when the towers are already crowded.

What is the Cost of an RV Cellular Booster?

Most reliable boosters cost around $300 and above, but you can find some with lower prices. It all depends on what you want. In most cases, higher-priced devices outperform others. And when you need reliable phone service or internet connectivity, you want a system that you can trust, especially if you are working remotely.

There are 2 main categories of RV boosters. They are:

1. Specific Provider Boosters
These are quite new, but they amplify signals of single carriers or devices that allow them to boost signals by 100 decibels instead of 65 decibels. They are a bit expensive, but buyers claim that they’re worth the cost.
2. Broadband Boosters
Most boosters on the market are analog repeaters. They come as a component inside a kit with an antenna. They also amplify signals from various providers at once. They are more affordable and accessible. You may also want to check out to learn how to boost your signal.


The benefits of installing a signal booster in RVs are numerous. It enables you to stay connected, assures you of safety when you are in a remote location, and ensures that your cellular connection is stable. So when you plan your next trip or boondocking, a booster will always give you great service.

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