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Useful RV Servicing Tips by RNR Refinish

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January 27, 2021


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Have you recently purchased a recreational vehicle? Despite their sturdiness, RVs should be maintained regularly in order to prevent costly repairs.

Special attention should be paid when winterizing these trailers, as well as taking them out of storage once winter is over. The job of RV owners is to keep the tires, roof, batteries, and brakes in perfect condition.

The following tips will help you with servicing.

Keep the tires in good shape

An important aspect of RV servicing is making sure the tires are in a good condition. The wheel lug nuts and tire pressure are supposed to be checked prior to every trip in order to stay safe while travelling. Make sure to tighten any loose lug nuts so as not to risk losing a wheel while driving.

Moreover, checking tire pressure is essential before hitting the road, as both overinflated and underinflated tires are considered a road hazard. For instance, overinflated tires are likely to explode, increasing the likelihood of causing an accident. In contrast, underinflated tires might cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle. Go here to learn more about the recommended amount of tire pressure in vehicles.

Tire pressure tends to fluctuate when there’s a change in temperature. Therefore, RV owners are suggested to check the air pressure in their tires after the winter storage period, as it’s likely to be too low. Also, when winterizing your recreational vehicle, make sure the tires are properly protected to avoid weather damage. In terms of cleaning, you’re advised to apply a UV protectant after giving the tires a good clean, as UV rays are detrimental to their condition.

Pay attention to the roof

The roof of recreational vehicles should receive regular maintenance in order to remain in optimal condition. The only way for RV owners to avoid pricey roof repairs is to protect their vehicles from the harmful effect of the sun, rain, and other types of weather.

Hence, you are recommended to invest in an RV cover made from steel, under which you’ll store the vehicle when home. Those living in their trailers are advised to clean the roof regularly to prevent the appearance of black streaks.

In addition, the roofs of these mobile homes should be inspected once each season for the purpose of preventing water leaks. RV owners are expected to spend time inspecting the vents, edges, AC units of their vehicles for any signs of a water leak.

In the event of detecting a roof leak, use a sealant to patch it up. Nevertheless, the sealant is supposed to match the material of the roof so as to be efficient. The largest number of roofs are made from metal, fiberglass, and EPDM rubber. The following link,, explains the properties and uses of this rubber.

Keep in mind that such leaks have the potential to cause extreme damage to travel trailers unless patched up on time. Firstly, water penetrates the wooden frame of the vehicle, after which it reaches the ceiling panels on the inside.

Don’t forget the brakes

Another crucial aspect of RV servicing is brake maintenance. Keeping the brakes of your recreational vehicle in an optimal condition is of the utmost importance for the safety of every passenger. These are supposed to be lubricated at all times, especially during the summer period when trailers are used the most.

Insufficient maintenance of RV brakes requires a complete replacement of this part. Such replacements are best performed by professional repairmen of recreational vehicles, who replace the seals and repack wheel bearings.

Check the batteries

Keeping the batteries charged at all times is the responsibility of each trailer owner. Otherwise, a dead battery will undoubtedly ruin your trip. RV repair professionals, like RNR Refinish, provide expert advice for choosing the right type and size of the battery. The choice depends on the brand of recreational vehicle, as well as the terrain you usually drive it on.

For instance, gel batteries are appropriate for owners driving their RVs on extremely bumpy roads. Make sure battery levels never drop below twenty percent prior to charging.


For better longevity, practice regular trailer maintenance.
You won’t regret it!

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