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11 of the Best Land Rover Print Ads

Land Rover have a real buzz of excitement, of exploration and adventure around their brand. It's quite difficult to get this over in a print advert, but, somehow, they manage to do it.

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

September 20, 2011

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Over the years, they've made some inspired adverts for magazines and billboards, so let's take a look at 11 of the best.

Land Rover Defender: Toolkit

This advert is very clever. Being given the task of advertising a Land Rover Defender is an advertisers dream. The shape is evocative, it's capabilities are legendary and it's recognised worldwide. Because of that, you can afford to say very little. Land Rover typically use clever images when advertising the Defender, as after all, a picture can say a thousand words. This advert is way up there as our joint favourite. The photo says so much. You can see from the tool board and the vast array of tools, the Land Rover owner here is a professional (it seems he's a tennis playing, kayaking, mountain-climbing, lumberjack). His Land Rover is gone, along with some of his tools, he's clearly out on a job and the Defender having it's own place in the pegboard shows he or she views it as their biggest, most versatile tool.  After all, a chainsaw can only ever really cut down a tree, but a Land Rover can take this person into the Alps to climb mountains, kayaking down the Amazon River or down to the park to play tennis.

Land Rover Defender Snow

Here's a cheeky little poke at rival 4x4 makers. If you look closely at the road sign that usually says "Not suitable for motors e.t.c" this one simply has a Land Rover Defender on it. It's a clever little ad this one. You'll note there are 5 words on the whole advert too, so it's very minimal.

Pinstripe Ad

We couldn't find much information about this one however, it's probably one of the most memorable adverts you'll ever see. Again, it's highly simplistic, but it actually says a lot. 2 pin stripes form around the words "When you're choosing a company car, why go down the same old road" to form a road or tyre tracks. The overall effect is striking and very effective.

Land Rover S1 Phone

Not technically a Land Rover vehicle advert, but you'll spot all the same ingredients (i.e a Land Rover, exploration, adventure) except, this time it's all stacked on top of a Land Rover phone. As the ad says, it's incredibly tough. But it also suggests that this phone can support anything you throw at it and it will never fail you wherever you take it. This is no city handset.

Defender Tug Ad

Yet another simple, but very visual advertisement. When we think of tugs, we think of real work horses, absolute machines that are built to be worked hard. Land Rover are suggesting that behind (or indeed in front of, towing) hard working people are Land Rovers, and that behind the scenes, Land Rovers are actually what makes the world tick. It also implies the Defender has enough power to pull a tug, which it may well. Interestingly, if you look at the registration plate, you'll see it spells "Tools".

Defender 110 Vine Advert

You'll see the pattern developing here. Striking, bold images, that speak volumes. Here we have a single vine & a 110. The tagline quite cleverly stats you can only own one of these legendary forms of jungle transportation. I'm pretty sure Tarzan would take the 110 too.

Maze Ad

A Discovery sits waiting to take on a journey, one that likely represents the world and shows that a Land Rover can take on every terrain or topical feature going. Rain, wind, snow, water, volcanoes, mud, animals, desert and the city. You'll also note there are several routes through the maze and when you get to the other end, it simply says turn around. Brilliant!

Defender: "Pull"

Here's a Defender literally pulling the paper away that it's printed on. This was created in 2007 to represent the apparent increased towing capabilities (perhaps anti-stall e.t.c) include in the Puma model.

Discovery Commercial Commercial "Tilt Shift"

Here's an advert for a Discovery 3 commercial, using a very unique photography method known as "tilt-shift" that makes scenes appear in miniature. On first inspection, it certainly looks like a very detailed diorama or model, but in actual fact, it's a normal photograph. The effect however is great and fits the tagline "Makes work play" perfectly.

Defender Passport Advert

Our tied first favourite advert. The iconic Defender shape is made use of here again. A 90 is remade from actual Passport stamps. The result is instantly recognisable as a Defender, but also implies that a Land Rover "IS" travel.

Small World

You'll see a Disco 4 poking into this image lower left, but the driver has walked up to a wall of scenery. I think the advert is trying to say that the world is small when you have a Land Rover and that you can go anywhere you want. Certainly a very different ad, that plays with your head a little.

What's your favourite all-time Land Rover advert?

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  1. Dato SS says:

    Great article. Enjoyed all the advt.

  2. Gavin Earnshaw says:

    Interesting that the most recent two put up as wallpaper by LR (Tool board and Passport) hark so clearly to the classic Land Rover shape yet the concept in Frankfurt failed so clearly…

    I think the order is
    1) Tool board
    2) Passport
    (OK I know the last one isn’t really a LR advert but you get the idea!)

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