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We're always trying to think up fun ways for the FunRover community to get more involved with FunRover and this new challenge is going to go one step further, it will help you save money.

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

July 11, 2012

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Here's what we're planning & how you can get involved.

The FunRover Fuel Challenge, the ultimate goal: to produce a one-stop resource for Land Rover owners who wish to save money on fuel. Let's face it, fuel is getting more and more expensive and Land Rovers, well, aren't exactly in the super-economy vehicles bracket. However, we feel that every single Land Rover can have some fuel-efficiency locked away, just waiting to be tapped (or corked) and so we are rallying our members to help us produce an eBook that will be available to all who want to start cutting running costs and increasing fuel economy. Want to be involved?

Taking part is very easy. We're going to be using a service called "Fuelly". Fuelly is an excellent service that allows you to track your fuel economy, allowing to keep a track of past trips, average fuel economy and general running costs. To take part in the challenge, go ahead and sign-up to Fuelly (it's free) and enter the basic model info of your Land Rover / Range Rover. Then all you need to do is go about your day to day driving for a week. Enter in the relevant fuel information and you'll get an MPG figure calculated for you.

Using that base number, we want to see how much we can improve a vehicles MPG from what it is currently achieving. So, if you want to take part, have made a modification and seen improvements (or seen a decrease) then please fill out the Fuel Challenge survey.

We'll keep a track on the changes and mods and produce the final book with credit given to each individual who in effect, researched the modification. If you come up with a particularly novel, or interesting tweak, we'll make sure to have you write up a post for the site & you'll be compensated via PayPal.

So that's the challenge. Are you ready to take part? Fill out the form with your initial MPG then add any decreases (or increases and the change you've made). You can post them in the comments here, or using the anonymous (if you want it to be) poll daddy survey!

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