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5 of the Most Frequent Car Crash Causes

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January 15, 2021


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You never want to be in a car crash, but statistically, you very well might be. If you have your license for many years, and you drive frequently, that increases the chances. Still, you might get into just a minor car accident, like if you tapped the vehicle ahead of you, or vice versa.

You want to avoid even insignificant car accidents as much as you can, and that’s why you should know about their common causes. Let’s talk about five of the situations that cause car wrecks more than almost anything else.


It seems as though people are always in a hurry these days. Maybe you’re rushing because you’re late for work or want to get home before a basketball game starts.

Whatever the reason, you should never speed. When you do, the probability of a dangerous or fatal car wreck goes up considerably.

The NHTSA has determined that speeding causes about 16% of US car accidents. It’s not so bad if you’re going five miles over the speed limit, but when you’re going ten or fifteen miles over, you’re getting into dangerous territory.

The problem is that when you speed, you can’t react to changing traffic conditions as quickly. It becomes even more perilous when you add darkness, snow, rain, or other factors.

Slowing down is one of the best things you can do. Missing a few minutes of work might make your boss angry, but at least you avoid plowing into a car if a traffic jam materializes in front of you.


For years, driving schools have emphasized that drunk driving kills people, yet many individuals still do it. It’s because they don’t take personal responsibility. Some people feel like they drink so often that they can control themselves when they’re behind the wheel, even with several shots or beers in them.

That’s arrogance, and it can cost you your life, or you can take someone else’s. Even if you drive well when you’ve been drinking, and you don’t swerve out of your lane or do anything else that’s dangerous, a cop could pull you over.

If they smell alcohol, they will give you a breathalyzer. When you fail it, they could suspend your license, and you might face criminal charges. You can mess your life up that way, and you’ll need to seriously reexamine your priorities.


Texting is very convenient. Since society started doing it several years ago, it has become a part of modern life that we all accept. Very few people don’t have smartphones anymore, and even the oldest grandma knows how to send a text message.

You should never text when you’re driving, yet many people do. They might try to send a text when they’re driving on the highway, in a school zone, or in heavy traffic.

You can get in an accident in any of those scenarios. You might have a newer car that allows you to speak, and the vehicle sends a recipient what you said as a text message.

That is safer since you keep your hands on the wheel the whole time. However, studies show that even this can distract you and cause an accident. It’s better not to communicate with anyone until you get to your destination.


Drive-throughs have existed for years, and there’s no more convenient thing than to get yourself a Big Mac while never even leaving your car or turning off the engine. That’s fine, but you shouldn’t try to eat while you drive.

You see people sometimes shooting down the highway at seventy miles per hour, trying to dunk their fries in ketchup, or attempting to put hot sauce on a taco. This is near suicidal behavior. If you get in a wreck while eating, it’s going to be hard to conceal the evidence when the police show up.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving might include many activities. You might attempt to talk to someone in the back seat. You might see an interesting billboard, and you could hit the car ahead of you as you read it.

You must keep your eyes firmly on the road ahead and watch the cars around you to see what they’re doing. If you let anything distract you, that’s almost always a car accident recipe.

If you do some of these things, but you have not gotten in an accident yet, now is the time to change your behavior. It’s the socially responsible thing to do.

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