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Auto Body Shops – What they can do for you

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October 5, 2020


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A car is essential to daily life. It is useful for commuting from one place to the other with ease and therefore needs to always be in good working condition. Achieving this will entail frequent servicing, checking of tire pressure, lights and many more.

A not so mechanical but equally important way of keeping your car in good shape is to work on the body; removing dents due to collisions, scratches or chips, etc. In the event of an accident, your vehicle will most likely be deformed and will no longer have its sleek, beautiful, and elegant look. At this time, you need to fix any dents, displaced fenders, broken mirrors, broken lights, or any other kind of deformity to the car. This article looks at some causes of dents to a car.

Auto body shops are places where you can easily restore your vehicle to a previous state, factory standards or even give it an entirely new exotic look. The shop will typically diagnose what the issue is, give you an estimate and proceed to fix your car when you are ready.

What You can do at an auto body shop

There are several reasons why you may need the attention of an auto body shop. These can include:

Dent Removal

Fixing dents is one of the most common reasons for auto body repairs. Even without a collision, there are several reasons your car may have dents. In some places, it could be due to the natural causes such as hail which can fall and if your vehicle is not shielded from its force, it will have dents all over.

It can be caused by other people opening their car doors when parked side by side. It can also be the result of children playing soccer or any other sports around your car. The list goes on.

Although there are several DIY ways for removing dents, it is not the best as it can affect your paintwork. Also, you may not do a proper job and this can result in the car requiring a more expensive repair at the end of the day. It is always best to take it to a body shop. Because dents are common, they are one of the cheapest to fix.

Collision Repair

This is another common problem that body shops constantly have to deal with. A collision can occur for several reasons and can range from something minor to something major. Repairing it is vital to the vehicle so it is important to let an auto shop examine it as soon as possible instead of brushing it aside.

Most times, collisions are covered by insurance meaning you do not have to pay for it a lot of the time and therefore do not have an excuse not to fix it. Even if it looks okay on the exterior, it is proper to check it out at a body shop as the damage may be internal.

Window Repair or Replacement

Windows damages can come in different forms and for different reasons. Whatever the reason, fixing it early is important. Asides from the security it provides from theft and intruders, it offers a shield against weather elements like snow, rain, dust, wind, and so on. It is also possible that the window control is bad making it impossible to wind the window up or down. In any case, an auto body shop can help carry out repairs on your windows and if it is broken or chipped, they can help with replacing it.

You can find common issues that your car window can have here:

Auto Body Painting

Painting your vehicle is another common repair job in an auto body shop. This can be for cosmetic reasons as well as for protecting the car’s exterior from weather elements. You may need a paint job when you have scratches, chips, and rust all over or after a collision has been fixed. At times, you may just want your vehicle to look good or to have another color. Whatever the reason, body shops are where you should take your car to.


Sometimes, taking your car to a body shop is simply for cosmetic reasons. It may not be to repair or fix anything in particular but to enhance your vehicle and its appearance. This can include waxing, polishing, adding mud flaps, changing tire rims, and so on. Detailing includes small details that make your car more attractive and to stand out.

Why You Should Fix Your Vehicle’s Body

After a collision, except it affects a part that makes it unmovable, your car will usually still be able to move from the point of collision and you can even drive it around that way if you do not care. For several reasons, this is not ideal. Apart from what this says about you, below are reasons you need to fix your vehicle after a collision or when there are dents and scratches.

Prevent Further Damage

Sometimes, when you do not fix damage resulting from a collision early enough, it may lead to other damage. Although the damage might look cosmetic and minor, you may not be able to tell how it affects other parts of the vehicle. Take a damaged fender for instance, it can over time cause a strain on the other parts such as the wheel, tire, or even the other side where the fender is attached.

Avoid Penalties and Fines.

When you have a collision, certain features may not function properly, and depending on where you live, it can result in a fine or ticket especially if it relates to safety. Also, for inspection purposes, you need to ensure that your car is in proper shape.

Increased Value

Fixing the damage on your car can increase the resale value meaning that you will be able to sell it for more than you can if it is not fixed. Removing dents, painting, or detailing will make it more valuable to potential buyers. For residents of Montgomery, Alabama and its neighbourhoods, you can check any Montgomery body shop around you to learn more about getting your auto repair jobs done.


There are several advantages to restoring your car after a collision or when it has accumulated a lot of dents. Thankfully, auto shops are always on hand to do this for you. No matter how complex the issue is, there are centers where these can easily be fixed and your car restored to how it was before. Do not hesitate to do this as it will make your car serve you efficiently for many more years.

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