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Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

September 27, 2018

Award winning automotive writer with experience rebuilding Land Rovers.


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Every year there are more and more cars released. Hatchbacks, little sports cars, and great family cars too. But, nothing will ever come close to the experience of owning a Land Rover. But why is that? What makes them so special? Well, we are going to take a look at a few reasons that people just can’t get enough of the beautiful beasts that cruise hill sides and motorways with ease. By the end of the short article, you’re going to be googling car shipping made simple to see how quickly you can have your new 4x4 delivered directly to your door.

The Boot Space

If you have a hobby like golfing, or perhaps some big dogs that love a decent walk in the woods, or maybe just a couple of children who need room for all of their hobby bags then this boot is for you. It is pretty much unrivalled in the way of capacity. And in all but the entry-level Land Rovers, you get a powered tailgate. Nifty.

The Smoothest of Drives

Everything about the car is designed with the driver in mind, The steering is nicely weighted, and it’s beautiful to handle. Speed bumps are dealt with, with ease. And, it drives smoothly on high-speed motorways or small country lanes alike. Land Rovers combine both luxury and class with a world-renowned off-road capability. The all-wheel-drive systems mean it can tackle pretty much any terrain with ease. It’s your companion in exploration. The steering wheel matters. It is touch sensitive, programmable and entirely personalised to the driver. There is also a selection of modes, helping you go from city cruising to motorway driving, to driving on rocky terrain with the click of a button.

Safety is a Priority

All Land Rovers are thoughtfully detailed. From parking sensors to autonomous emergency braking in the newer models. The driver's aids mean that you are now more aware of what is going on around you than ever before. In the city, it is easy to forget the size of your vehicle. An app, Land Rover iGuide, connects the car to your mobile phone. Enabling you to check your fuel, find where you’ve parked. But from a safety point of view, it has Optimised Land Rover Assistance.

Passengers Matter

The Land Rover, although designed to give an outstanding and unmatched driving experience, it caters for all of the passengers. Newer models have ambient lighting, meaning that passengers can customise their environment to suit their mood. The ambient lighting has a choice of ten colours, creating a unique experience. There is an option four-zone climate control on newer models, meaning that passengers can create their ideal travelling space. A sound system like no other is fitted, including an incredible 13 speakers, including a dual channel subwoofer.

They Just Look Cool

When it comes down to it, from “The Land Rover” that was released in 1948, the Defenders or the newest model to roll out of the factory, few cars can rival a Land Rover in terms of looks or functionality.

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