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Why It Makes Sense to Lease Your Next Vehicle

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December 24, 2022


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If there comes a point where you’re ready for a shiny new vehicle, rather than sticking to the buying
mindset, have you ever thought about leasing? In a nutshell, leasing means you rent the car for a long period, normally between 2 and 4 years. There are many advantages to going down this route too and it’s quickly becoming a popular way to drive the latest vehicles.

Those who need more convincing can read on to explore some of the reasons why it makes sense to
lease your next vehicle.

Low monthly payments

If there’s one thing that draws drivers to leasing a car, it’s the low monthly payments. When you
lease, you only pay for the difference between the residual value and the purchase price. Unlike a
PCP (personal contract purchase) there’s no interest included, and unlike purchasing, you’re not
paying for the entire thing. This means you’re able to afford to drive a swankier vehicle on the same
monthly budget.

Lower Deposit

You will find lots of PCP deals that require a 10-20% deposit. This makes the initial payment quite
painful for your wallet! However, when it comes to leasing, you’re able to drive away in a brand-new
car from as little as one monthly rental payment. This makes leasing brilliant for all kinds of reasons.
For instance, a lower deposit is appealing if you have just started a new job and have a steady
income but haven’t got a big lump sum to put down on a new car. You can check out Pink Car
Leasing, which provides cheap car lease deals. They have a wide variety of deals that will suit your

Brand New Car of Your Choice

Many of us dream of driving around in a brand-new car. However, this is a luxury most of us cannot
afford. The great thing with leasing is you can have a brand-new car every few years, not to forget
getting access to regular upgrades too. When you look at newer cars, lots have new safety features,
in-car entertainment systems, and improvements that can totally transform your driving experience.

Simple Process

When searching for a new car, you’ll want the process to be as smooth as possible. During the
leasing process, it really is as simple as picking a car, getting a quote, applying for finance, signing the
contract, and finally, deciding on a delivery date. Many contracts can be sorted out in as little as 10
days, meaning before you know it, your new car is on your driveway ready and raring to go!

Insurance Included

As you will know, car insurance is mandatory and it’s no different with leasing. Thankfully, there are
certain packages you can obtain (depending on the provider) that include car insurance. This will
cover you for things like theft, fire, vandalism, and third-party liability. It’s also wise to take out
guaranteed asset protection insurance that provides complete protection in the event your car is
written off.

There’s no denying why more and more drivers are opting to lease their cars, rather than buying
outright. If we’ve swayed you to consider leasing, make sure to find a reputable provider to guide
you through the process and help you find your ideal vehicle.

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