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Why Should You Buy A Land Rover?

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October 6, 2021


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Are you thinking about buying a Land Rover? Chances are, you might be, as that could be the reason why you have visited this website.

But is a Land Rover the right car for you? There are all kinds of reasons why it might be, so let's consider why you might consider the option.

#1: You want to go off-road

Land Rovers will certainly get you to where you want to be if you're sticking to our nation's roads. But if you're somebody who likes to go off-road, then a Land Rover is a worthy choice. Even those models on the market that are usually suited for city drivers, such as the Evoque, can handle off-road terrain. The Discovery and Velar are worthy choices too but to be honest, most Land Rovers can traverse over the hardiest environments. This makes them perfect for towing a camper trailer and any outdoor adventures you may be considering. And they are ideal if you work on a farm or any place that gets more than a little muddy.

#2: Safety is important to you

Thanks to the off-road capabilities of a newer Land Rover, you're able to tackle some of the most difficult of roads or hillside tracks. You can benefit from the car's sturdy construction which offers a great deal of crash protection (not the old Defender or Series Land Rovers though) should you be involved in a collision. Land Rovers comes equipped with many modern safety features too, such as the Discovery which has 7 front-impact and side-impact airbags, as well as overhead airbags, anti-lock brakes, and a number of safety improvement systems.

Many modern cars come with safety enhancements of course but it's the durability of a Land Rover that makes it a popular choice for many.

#3: You need a lot of space

When it comes to seat space, many of today's Land Rover's have up to 7 seats with third-row seating This is great if you have a lot of passengers to transport. When it comes to luggage, you will rarely struggle for space. The Discovery's boot features 1,137 litres of space behind the second row and there is up to 2,406 litres of cargo space when all the rear seats have folded. Other Land Rover models can also offer you a lot of cargo space, so whether you need a car for vacation or simply want to haul large appliances around, you shouldn't have any trouble if you opt for this type of vehicle.

#4: You want a taste of luxury

If you're looking for a car that offers luxury, then the Land Rover might be right for you. Car models have been made with some of the finest materials, including leather, wood, and brushed aluminum, so you can be guaranteed a comfortable and plush-looking ride. Newer models come with the latest infotainment systems too, as well as rear-mounted TVs for passengers, so there is much in the car for everyone to enjoy.

Is the Land Rover right for you? That's for you to decide but we hope we have given you some incentive. Check out our article on things you need to know before you buy if you need help coming to a decision.

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