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eBay Car Challenge 2017

eBay are supporting three Classic car owners dreams to restore their pride and joys.

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

April 24, 2017

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An eBay judging panel, after some difficult decisions, has announced the three classic car restoration projects that will take part in it's second yearly car restoration challenge. The online auction site has revealed the three vehicles to take part in the challenge are a 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto, a 1974 VW Camper and a 1964 Series 2A Landy. Over the next three months, using components and tools from eBay, the three owners will transform their project vehicles, for a big reveal on July 10th.

Dan Goude, 1964 Land Rover 1

Build Plans

Beating almost two thousand rival entries, Dan is ready to start his restoration on 'Bertha', an ex-military Series 2a that he's owned since he was 18, purchased for a mere £800. As is all too common with old Land Rovers, Bertha ended up tucked away in the garage for almost 20 years. After a recent health scare, Dan's family had the blown head-gasket fixed and collected him from hospital as a surprise. Dan said this was a time of 'rebirth for the car and me'. It's fitting that the 2A will be given a new lease of life.

Dan Goude, 1964 Land Rover 4

Dan outlined his plans on the eBay Car Challenge website: “To start with, I’m going to strip down the engine and overhaul it – including fixing a problem with the battery charging,” he says.
“The fuel tank’s shot. It’s rusty and it leaks, so that’s coming out. Once that’s done, I’ll be sprucing up her bodywork, replacing the dented and cracked panels and giving her a fresh paint job in bronze green. I’ll also aim to fit a new canvas top, some new back seats and seat belts for the kids, and some original period features.

Dan Goude, 1964 Land Rover 5

With eBay's help, this Series 2a will be brought back to top notch condition. “This grand old lady will be in our family forever. I want to show her the tender loving care she deserves.”

eBay provided each restorer with a substantial budget of £4,000 and now it's time for them to get stuck in, using the extensive selection of parts and accessories available on the marketplace. Well played eBay, well played!

Dan's Series 2A 'Bertha':

Follow the restorers’ journeys here:

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