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The Best Land Rover Engine ever: Results

As voted for by the FunRover community

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

December 18, 2014

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The results are in! In the end, it was a photo finish between the 300Tdi and 200Tdi, the former just managing to nudge ahead by a single vote. The FunRover community chose the TD5 as their 3rd favourite engine. The end result is fair and reflects quite neatly the general consensus of Land Rover owners. It's often debated whether the 200 or 300 are best, but the TD5 in 3rd place also shows that this engine is gaining much earned respect as a solid, reliable power plant.

Full Results

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 18.07.18

It's a shame that a number of engines, listed below, didn't receive a vote. Perhaps the owners are too busy out enjoying their respective vehicles!

  • 2.25 Petrol (Series 2, 3, Ninety / One Ten / 127)
  • 2.5 Petrol (Ninety / One Ten / 127 & Defender)
  • 2.2 TDCI (Defender)
  • 3.9 Stage 1 Isuzu 4BD1 (Series III, 110 Australia)

So, do you agree? Is the 300Tdi, truly the best? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Noel mac says:

    No way…. TD5 in my view is by far the best and most reliable (bar the few niggly bits) it’s also the most upgrade able with regards to tuning etc and easy to work around so a big thumbs up from me

  2. Lennie says:

    I agree with the vote in that the Tdi’s took first place. However my personal preference would be the Tdi200 based on the fact that it has better economy, is simpler in construction, more overbuilt and has more low down torque than the 300. Afterall I see Land Rover as the more uncompromising 4×4 option first and foremost – the vehicle of choice for demanding expeditions and tough work in remote locations year in, year out. For such circumstances these are the defining attributes. However, Im a bit disappointed that the 2,5 cc, 5 main-bearing Petrol engine wasn’t part of the vote, since it’s the pinnacle of evolution of the classic Land Rover Petrol engine on which the Tdi 200 is the final descendent.

  3. Ross says:

    td5 for me (with a qualifier below). I’m going to assume that the votes for the 2-300 series motor will mostly come from folk who’ve never driven a td5 – otherwise they’d think different. The TD5 is in a different league to the 2-300 series. Smoother, more power stock, more power spread stock, more scope for power, great economy, and very reliable once the early niggles were sorted (the anticipated electrical failures have never eventuated – it’s design was just years ahead-of-time – all modern diesels are like this now).

    Not surprised the Puma engines didnt get a vote. A big backward step. Saving money, presumably.

    The Isuzu 4BDI is a great motor in a Defender – I’d rate that equal to the td5 for that use. If you think a 200 series has got ‘great low down torque’ and is ‘overbuilt’, then you’ve obviously never even seen a 4BDI. They are, literally, a truck engine. Bit too heavy and agricultural for a Disco though, which is why the td5 gets the nod overall..

    • Noel Mac says:

      Well said Ross, I am in utter agreeance with your above statement…. i think people feared the “witchcraft” of the electronics and the early issues attributed to them (oil in the ECU etc) and the earlier 10P block had the head shuffle issue due to plastic dowels i believe?….. but the 15P is a cracking unit that once you overcome the FPR replacement and the injector loom etc is a really reliable lump.
      Mine has 266798 miles on the clock and still pulls like a train yet very smooth, i keep on top of the fluids and filters etc.

  4. Othata says:

    I doubt the new engine drivers were busy. It’s a shame for the latest engine. I owned the 2.4TDCI and the engine didn’t take me beyond 140k kilometres when I started giving me problems.

  5. Cadir says:

    Definitely 300Tdi is the best. I do all my service repairs and I am proud of its simple design. I am proud to own a 300Tdi, 110 Wagon and will forever in mine possession.

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