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Could the new Defender look like this?

Will the Defender look like any of these concept vehicles?

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

October 3, 2014

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The new Land Rover Defender is causing a real stir in the Landy community. Fans are anxious to see it. And so are CGI artists, who are coming up with ideas as to how the new vehicle will look. Here are the best, worst and the downright ugly. To find out why the Defender is so iconic, read our post here.

Left Lane News



I hadn't come across this design before, it looks a bit old judging by the reg plate, but it's not a bad attempt. It's too much like a rugged baby Range Rover though. It appears to have DC100 wheel arches, a Range Rover tailgate and Freelander 2 grill.

Overall rating: 4/10



A 3D design student came up with this replacement. It's not bad, but still not great. This looks a little more faithful to the original Defender, you'll see the door window line carrying through the lower windscreen, traditionally where the vents would've been. It's got some sort of strange jerry can pattern on the rear side panel though. It needs mud flaps!

Overall rating: 6/10

Ford Bronco


You've probably seen this one floating around Facebook or the Land Rover forums, touted as the Defender replacement. But take a look at the grill, it's a Ford Bronco concept vehicle! Some nefarious individual photoshopped a Land Rover badge on the front and so the myth began.

Overall rating: Not a Defender!



Back in 2011, a bloke called Stand made this. It's got the Dc100 wheel arches again! But that front end is particularly ugly. There's little design cues to the original Defender. Plus, it reminds us of this:


Overall rating: 1/10 - it's got 4 wheels and that's about the only right thing

Land Rover's Hint



During a marketing presentation at the Paris motor show, Land Rover showed this slide. It features their new 3 range line-up. The vehicle on the left is the Range Rover brand. In the middle, the Discovery, as we've now seen the new sport model. On the right, is a new Defender. It was labelled as the 'rugged' range. Looks a bit more square than the DC100.

Overall rating: 7/10 - Not a lot to be gleaned from this photo, but looks interesting

Is this a joke?


This is one of the worst Photoshops I've ever seen.

Overall r... never mind

Now some further bad news


We've heard from one source that they've actually seen photos of a new Defender replacement. And, unfortunately, they said it's pretty close to this image. These claims are still unverified, but not good news at all. Looks a lot like Project Jay, one of the original Discovery concepts:



Overall rating: 2/10


Staffordshire University Concept


On the Staffordshire University website, is this image, Sadly, there's no other images of this, but it looks promising. You'll note is had a much more Defender like profile, whilst updating the look and feel.

Overall rating: 8/10

What do you think the new Defender will look like? 

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  1. Felix says:

    Messing up the old style, an icon for decades,will be the biggest mistake Land Rover has done. Land Rover Defenders were for a particular and distinctive breed, they weren’t made for soccer moms.

  2. Alberto Torres says:

    Hello everyone, I have a Discovery, and I already had a defender for almost 20 years, and I still like the Defender design, for me the biggest problem was the lack of space in the cabin, which land rover had to solve, I sold my because of this and for having many problems with the electrical part of the TD5, I know many people who could buy one, but all criticize the lack of space for driver and passenger and then do not buy, this is less one to buy a defender, so a lose to the Land Rover, today everyone wants a car or a comfortable jeep, I think Land Rover was right to bet on a new thing, people like new things, I really liked the design of the Dezynsmith jeep, It could get a improving on visibility, but otherwise I think it is beautiful and have a blunt air.

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