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FunRover Top Tip: De-ice Your Wipers

Here's a quick FunRover Top Tip: Always de-ice your wipers! If you're new to Land Rovers, or just a bit forgetful, turning your wipers on accidentally could actually lead to a whole lot of hassle. So here are 2 FunRover top tips, always de-ice your windscreen wipers and always make sure you have plenty of spare fuses.

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

December 17, 2010

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Making our way into town today, we ran into a small problem. As we were (a little) late we had rushed off without properly de-icing the screen. 20 minutes later, we tried to clear the screen, one wiper moved, the other didn't. Seconds later, the other joined it, moving about 30 degrees and then stopping. Not a problem we thought, "tis but a scratch sir!" and all that. About a mile later we noticed the indicators, speedometer, fuel gauge and temp gauge had cut out too. This is usually not a problem, you just need to unscrew your fuse box and swap a few fuses out - the fuses are fitted to stop other problems such as stripped gears, melted wires e.t.c. On the inside of the fuse box are usually 5 or 6 spare fuses, ready to replace any that have blown. That is, if you remember to continually renew them!

We had to hobble our way back through town, to our favourite motor part supplier and pick up some more fuses. These are literally 25p items, so as a pre-caution, we purchased a whole range of them. We've got spare fuses coming out of our ears now! Lesson learnt the hard way. This seems like such a basic thing, but it can really mess with your day, so be prepared and use a little common sense.

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  1. Wanderer says:

    I’d like to know what tips readers have regarding the windscreen washers freezing. No matter what I do with regard to the screen treatment, I end up with no washers. I know I’m not alone, because every van at work has the problem. It must be a common problem in Canada etc, so just what do people do ?

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