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Land Rover Defender 90 Tribute for Sale

Our Land Rover Defender is up for sale!

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

October 25, 2016

Hello, I'm the editor of FunRover. I'm a massive Land Rover fan. Currently own a TD5 90. 2015 MR Blogger of the Year


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Now listed on eBay:

In order to make way for a new project, we are selling our Land Rover Defender 90 Tribute build.


This is a truly unique 90, built to our own exacting standards, with the goal of making it look as though it could have come straight from the factory. We wanted to see what would have happened if Land Rover had continued the development of a Series vehicle and this is the result, dubbed the 'Series IV'. This 90 was featured in the September 2016 Edition of Land Rover Owner Magazine and you can see the entire build in video here:


It drives beautifully thanks to some tasteful and appropriate performance modifications, with plenty of power underfoot, excellent uprated performance brakes and on the dot handling.




img_4416 img_4391 img_4558 img_4438 img_4428 img_4409 img_4501



1999 Special Vehicles 90 Td5 Defender (purchased via a dealer from the National Grid, it was originally used to carry a thermal imaging camera for observing pylons).

Mileage 78,000, was regularly serviced by the National Grid and kept in a heated garage. We have put approximately 20,000 miles on it in our 5 years of ownership and serviced every 5,000.

Recently completely rebuilt to create our own tribute to the Land Rover, featuring some of the best elements of Land Rovers in one vehicle

  • Built on Richards Chassis, painted with etch primer and a satin black finish for a factory look
  • Bulkhead has been removed, refurbished and galvanised before painting for long lasting corrosion resistance
  • Undercover Covers canvas hood fitted on top of Exmoor Trim hood sticks, with an Exmoor Trim seatbelt mounting frame
  • Axles rebuilt, professionally shot blasted, then etch primed and painted with satin black paint, including Gwynn Lewis axle breathers and filled with new oil. Diffs inspected and found to be excellent condition. New drain plugs fitted as well as new bump stops. Fitted new OEM dampers and springs along with Gwynn Lewis galvanised shock turrets and spring retainers. All new genuine Timken wheel bearings and we've converted to the 300TDI adjustable wheel hub nut stub axle set-up.
  • Reconditioned steering box and OME steering damper. All new steering pipes. Heavy duty steering arms and pan hard rod fitted, all new bolts and balljoints. Steering column refurbished. Vintage steering wheel from a Land Rover Series 3 Fire Engine fitted. Completes the retro cab. Pedal box gaskets renewed
  • Custom heritage style components, including Grill, vintage Land Rover badge and our own bespoke dashboard which recreates a Series One dash.
  • Galvanised Steering Guard from SafariEquip added, with built in recovery points and removable tow-hitch receiver.
  • Galvanised military bumper
  • Bodycappings have been removed, galvanised and then insulated to prevent galvanic corrosion and re-rivited in place
  • SuperPro bushes fitted all round improve the handling, making this feel quite tight for a Land Rover and like a new Defender.
  • Swivels rebuilt with new king pins and genuine Timken bearings, one-shot grease renewal and shot blasted and painted to match chassis and axles.
  • All new fixings, treated with ACF50 type anti-corrosion spray
  • Front seats have been retrimmed in Grey Vinyl, new seatbelt were fitted. Rear seats are from Exmoor Trim, in matching grey with new seat belts for all occupants. Windscreen wiper arms, cable and relay replaced. New spindles and washer jets.
  • Bonnet has been strengthened and a genuine style 300TDI spare wheel bonnet mount bracket added. The bonnet is secured by Series One bonnet hooks.
  • New headlights, including bowls, seals, screws. New indicators & side lights and all new rear lighting.
  • New Dixon and bate adjustable tow hitch, with new trailer hook-up receiver
  • Radius arms and rear trailing arms wire wheeled, rust-proofed then repainted in satin black paint
  • Wiring loom removed, cleaned, inspected and refitted with new fixings
  • Brand new OEM Propshafts and fixings
  • New door hinges and and anti-burst locks
  • MUD UK Snow Cowl, body coloured
  • All new wing mirrors
  • R380 gearbox was stripped, steam cleaned and painted, then reconditioned with new bearings & magnetic drain plug before being rebuilt and fitted back to vehicle. Repainted transfer box. New OEM gearbox mountings. New handbrake cable fitted.
  • New clutch and dual mass flywheel, as well as clutch fork and release bearing, clutch slave and master cylinder and all pipe work / securing clips. Fitted Series 1 style clutch pedal and spring
  • Engine was overhauled with a skimmed exhaust manifold fitted, elongated manifold studs, strip down and paint to protect from corrosion with POR-15 pastel green engine block paint, matching the bodywork. Polished rocker cover, new belt pulleys and bearings fitted, other pulleys painted, new gaskets fitted to rocker cover and turbo oil drain pipe. Replaced rear cam oil seal. Turbo repainted with heat proof turbo paint. EGR removed. All new coolant and boost silicone hoses fitted from Roose Motorsport with Stainless steel clips, with a custom black satin factory finish. New thermostat. Replaced old radiator with a like for like replacement. Serck Motorsport performance intercooler fitted. All new engine mountings & heatshields. Alternator refurbed. Galvanised radiator slam panel and intercooler brackets. Straight through full stainless steel exhaust with a backbox. Brand new exhaust mounts and rubbers. The exhaust sounds amazing!
  • Brand new callipers with stainless steel pistons to prevent corrosion. Brake fluid renewed and all new Cunifer brake pipes formed and fitted. Fitted Goodridge flexible brake hoses and EBC performance drilled discs with Green stuff pads.
  • Wheels are OEM Wolf steel rims painted in Limestone, with Goodyear MTR Wranglers fitted. We also fitted the extended Wolf wheel studs which many fail to do as it's rather pricey but worth doing to do the job right!
  • Bodywork has been sanded down, primed and painted with Pastel Green, a heritage Land Rover colour. Stone chipping was painstakingly removed and reapplied. Doors replaced with Series style doors. When it's hot, you can take the roof off, fold down the windscreen and remove the door tops for a fantastic driving experience!
  • The rear a frame ball joint has been replaced with a new part.
  • Has a Paddocks rear fuel tank guard and galvanised rock sliders fitted
  • All fixings torqued, rust proofed and a small application of molybdenum grease to aid future removal where possible.

Essentially, this is like a brand new Land Rover, with period styling. It's a joy to drive and gathers a lot of waves and attention wherever it goes. This is a unique vehicle and a one-off build, would suit an investor or Land Rover enthusiast.


Approximately £15-18k has been spent on this rebuild and so we are asking £21,000.


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