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Land Rover Song (Wild Rover cover)

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

August 2, 2016

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Here's our cover of the Irish folk / drinking song "Wild Rover". Filmed on the banks of the Shannon Estuary. The chords are based on the Dubliners version of this song, with our own green oval inspired lyrics. If this proves popular, then we might take requests and build up a repertoire of Land Rover folk songs. Perhaps....

Lyrics & Chords:

G                                       C

I've had a Land Rover for many a year

G               C               D7                      G

I spent all me money on it not on beer

G                                       C

My wife doesn't like it she thinks it's a bore (or chore)

G               C               D7                      G

Cos all her pennies fall out through the gaps in the floor


D7                                  G                     C
But we all love Land Rovers, all over this land.

G                   C                     D7                       G

Yes we all love Land Rovers, all over this land


G                                       C

She'll go where you point o'er hill o'er dale

G               C               D7                      G

If you take care of her then she probably won't fail

G                                       C

If you see another Landy, then make sure you wave

G               C               D7                      G

There's a spider on the dashboard and his name is Dave




G                                       C

When ordering parts, avoid the blue box

G               C               D7                      G

When it rains it, it drips in and soaks all me socks

G                                       C

When travelling along felt out at full speed,

G               C               D7                      G

The needle will drop and more fuel you'll need






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  1. Tracy Thomas says:

    We absolutely love this song, My brother Alic has just passed away on 13th Sep 2016 He was a Land Rover fanatic all his life to the end, I found this on youtube, looking for songs for his funeral it made us all laugh, You have the Land Rover down to a tee, even The spider named Dave, His long friend and Land Rover mechanic is called Dave, it would of made Alic chuckle, His wish was for the coffin to be in his own Land Rover followed by a courtage of land rovers, Is there anyway we could purchase a copy of the song on cd, So we could play it at Alic’s funeral,
    With the kindest regards Tracy

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