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The Undeniable Health Benefits of Regularly Biking

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November 1, 2021


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Did you know that in New York alone, close to 800,000 folks ride a bike regularly? Moreover, cyclists in the state complete more than half a million cycling trips each day.

One reason behind cycling's popularity is that it's cheaper than driving. So you know, car travel can be up to six times pricier than riding a bike.
More than that, cycling, as an aerobic activity, delivers many science-backed health benefits.

Electric bike

Ready to learn what those benefits are and why cycling is a great way to maintain an active lifestyle? Then let's dive right into it!

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Since it's an aerobic activity, regular cycling works out the heart and blood vessels. All that exercise, in turn, can strengthen the heart muscles. It also helps improve blood circulation, enhancing the body-wide delivery of nutrient-rich blood.

Researchers also say there's an association between cycling and lower cardiovascular disease risks. As such, they recommend cycling as a way to enhance one's health.

Moreover, such benefits apply to any form of cycling, be it on conventional or electric bikes. According to researchers, e-bikes provide cardiorespiratory benefits too.

For starters, e-cycling can serve as moderate intensity physical activity. It may not be as vigorous as standard cycling, but it's more intense than walking.

If you haven't tried electric bikes yet, click here to learn more about them and e-cycling

Excellent Muscle Workout

Pedaling away on a bike makes you use many of your body's major muscle groups. Those include the quadriceps and hamstrings located on your upper legs. You also get to work out the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles found in your calves.

In addition, the more you cycle, the stronger and more flexible your muscles will get.

A Low Impact Way to Improve Physical Fitness

Cycling, as a low-impact activity, puts less strain on the joints and soft tissues. That's why it's an ideal exercise for aging adults or people with hip, knee, or ankle arthritis.

Despite being low-impact, cycling for just half an hour can already burn over 200 calories. For instance, if you weigh 125 pounds and cycle at a moderate pace for 30 minutes, you can burn 210 to 240 calories. That goes up to 315 calories if you cycle at a more vigorous rate.

All that makes cycling an excellent way to maintain an active lifestyle.

May Help Reduce Stress Levels

Riding your bike across nature trails may help reduce stress levels. After all, being in nature can alleviate not only stress, but anger and fear too. In addition, nature exposure can trigger pleasant emotions.

Cycling to work itself, instead of driving, may also set you up for a less stressful day. In one study, employees who pedalled to work had lower stress levels than those who went to work by car.

Start Reaping the Many Health Benefits of Cycling

As you can see, cycling isn't only a great way to save on gas, as it also brings many health benefits. So, pedal away if you want a healthier heart, bigger lungs, stronger muscles, and less stress.

Did you enjoy this short but informative post? If so, feel free to check out our other guides on optimal health and wellness!

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