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Heatshot Heated Windscreen Washer

Sooner or later it's going to get very cold. Despite the recent run of abnormally warm weather for this time of year, winter will be cold, as always.

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

November 29, 2011

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And with that cold weather comes those horrible, bitter mornings spent scraping windscreens to remove ice, with little frozen shavings flying all over your face and down your sleeves. It's making us feel miserable just thinking about it. If you've ever poured warm water on your screen, you'll know this is sooo much easier, but it's strongly advised against as the sudden change in temperatures can crack the glass. But, Terrafirma have released a new product that should put an end to that.

Here's a video if it in general use

Note this is at -18 degrees celcius, more than cold enough to freeze your door locks and doors themselves shut. Don't forget to check our winter prep guide for Land Rovers

Heatshot is a windscreen washer fluid heating system. Essentially, you hard-wire the 24 or 12V device under the bonnet. Start your engine (or just the ignition) and 30 seconds later, you have fluid that has been heated to a pre-determind temperature (between 125 – 135°F). Integrating with your existing washer system, it can be used when the vehicle is stationary or in motion, by using your existing washer jets. The benefits of this system are you can simply jump in your cab, wait 30 seconds, clear your screen and set off on your winter adventure! Plus, when travelling on the roads, the heated solution is much more effective at clearing grease, oil, bird droppings and insects that normally present quite a challenge for the Defenders wipers.

Heatshot has been designed to not crack the windscreen, damage paint work or raise potential burning issues and so it's very safe. The Heatshot site says it's an easy DIY fit and offers various advantages over using De-icer, screenwash fluid, heated windscreens e.t.c

  • Cleans the windscreen
  • Releases stuck wipers
  • Clears frozen nozzles
  • Prolongs the life of the wiper blades
  • Uses heated fluid
  • Heats quickly and efficiently
  • Functions at a standstill and on the move
  • Works in all types of weather

For more information, check out the Heatshot site. We'll try to pick one up for review soon.

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  1. Beetlebailey says:

    Hopefully the kicks of the product have been worked out since the major recall in the US market in the past…

  2. David Wald says:

    I have a HeatShot system fitted to my car and asked the questions about the old system that got recalled. The heatshot one is completely redesigned. It is more advanced technology, more efficient and is now EU approved. I find it a very useful bit of kit and would recommend it very highly indeed.
    Thank you Terrafirma!

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