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Improve and Upgrade Defender Windscreen

Fed-up of not being able to see through your windscreen in the rain? It's time to take action, especially with darker nights and tricky driving conditions fast approaching. Here's a video that will help you pick and switch your Land Rover blades

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

September 3, 2014

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In addtion to the above video, in which we fit Bosch Aerotwin windscreen wipers [eBay UK | eBay US] and apply RainX [eBay UK | eBay US] to our Landy, you can check out our guide below that will help you decipher the current condition of your wipers - and if you should change them.

100% Condition


The wipers above are working perfectly as they should. There's no smearing, smudging or hazing left behind after wiping. Wipers are at 100% condition.

85% Condition


Up to 3 permanent streaks in outer view area, but no action is necessary.

70% Condition


A maximum of 1 permanent streak in central view. Wipers replacement is recommended.

50% Condition


Up to 4 permanent streaks in outer field of view or 12 temporary streaks in central view area. Wipers are wearing and will get progressively worse. Think about changing soon!

40% Condition


Up to 6 permanent streaks are within the outer field area and many temporary and permanent streaks are visible across the central field of view. These should be evenly spaced. You should ideally change the wiper blades now.

25% Condition


Patches of water is left behind after a full wipe, change your wipers immediately!


Hazing, very dangerous as this can catch sunlight or headlights and impair vision. Wipers need to be replaced as soon as possible!

5% Condition


'Chatter' marks prevalant, wiper blades now skip along windscreen and do not remove water. Replacement is urgent.

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  1. Danny says:

    Land rovers suffer more because the windscreen is flat, Change the wiper every 6 months or replace the windscreen if pitted.

  2. Matt Allen says:

    So you tried the silblades and didn’t get on with them?

    I tried the RainX before but couldn’t get on with the smear it left on the screen even with good quality wipers. Apparently the ArmorAll Shield for Glass is better but I’ve not tried it…

    Nice video… It’s surprising the amount of people that don’t know how to change a wiper blade. Quick tip is if you’ve got your hand off the arm of the wiper when changing then gently rest it on the screen rather than risk bumping it and ruining your day.

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