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4 Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

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March 6, 2023


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Wheelchair accessible vehicles (also known as WAVs) come with a range of benefits for disabled drivers and passengers. However, not all WAVs feature the same design features, and many of them can be very pricey, so it’s important to do your homework before signing on the dotted line. After all, if you’re making such a substantial investment, you need to be certain that the WAV you bring home is the vehicle best-suited to your unique requirements.

To guide you in making the right choice for your needs, keep reading to discover the important factors you should consider before purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Is Side Or Rear Entry Best For You

When it comes to getting in and out, WAVs are designed to offer either side or rear entry for wheelchairs. The option you go for will be down to your personal preference and requirements, but it’s a good idea to research the pros and cons of each type.

For example, some of the advantages of side-entry WAVs include greater flexibility when it comes to seating options, not to mention additional cargo space, and added convenience for both disabled drivers and passengers.

On the other hand, rear-entry WAVs are often easier to navigate for wheelchair users, and can be easier to get in and out of in many parking spaces. They also tend to be cheaper than side-entry models, as fewer modifications are required.

Think About Your Budget

Because of the price involved in purchasing or hiring a WAV, it’s important to think about your ideal
price range for a WAV, and whether you may need any assistance with finding an affordable vehicle.

If you’re worried about your budget, don’t worry, as there is help available; WAV specialists such as
Allied Mobility offer a selection of rear entry only wheelchair accessible vehicles which you can
acquire with the help of the Motability Car Scheme.

Consider The Seating Layout

As you search for the ideal WAV, it’s a good idea to think about the seating layout and how much
flexibility you would like when it comes to how you travel.

Opting for a vehicle that allows the wheelchair user to sit at the front, and to drive when they wish
to, can result in a significant improvement to their travelling experience. Having the option of rear
seats in a vehicle also means you can take extra passengers with you on excursions – such as your
family or friends.

Make Sure There’s Enough Boot Space

Boot space is a vital consideration when it comes to purchasing any car, but particularly a WAV. After all, you need to make sure that you can easily stow away your wheelchair, crutches, or any other essential equipment you need to take with you. You also need to be able to put away your groceries, and pack your luggage when you’re heading off on vacation.

Is It Safe?

As you may know, all wheelchair accessible vehicles should be fitted with a set of restraints that keep both wheelchair and passenger safely in place during the journey.

Before you purchase any vehicle, it’s vital that you test these restraints and make sure they are fitted
properly and that they provide both safety and comfort, so your enjoyment of your journey is not compromised.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a number of vital points to consider before you bring home your WAV. At the end of the day, the vehicle that you end up choosing should be the one that you find most comfortable, convenient, and well-suited to your needs. Once you get it home, you can then make any additional alterations or adaptations that you may require to ensure the optimum driving experience.

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