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5 Key Questions To Ask Before Buying An EV

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April 24, 2021


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Electric vehicles are currently a hot talking point in motoring circles and wider society. So, if you’ve thought about making the switch in the next year or two, you are not alone.

In fact, global sales increased by 43% in 2020. Before rushing out to buy your EV, though, you must look to confirm your decision. Here are five killer questions that will point you in the right direction.

Q1. Can I Afford It?

First and foremost, you cannot look to switch to an EV if it’s not affordable. In addition to checking the value of popular models, you can use a car finance calculator to work out the exact costs. Many of the road taxes will be smaller (or zero), but you should factor running costs and insurance into the equation.

Meanwhile, you can claw back some funds by selling your existing vehicle. Whether part-ex or a separate sale, you’ll want to get the best price.

Q2. Is The Tech Right?

There are several reasons behind the growing popularity of EVs. The marketing efforts are certainly one. However, the chief source of increased interest stems from the tech. It has advanced at a rapid rate. Furthermore, several EV myths have been debunked. Crucially, the tech no longer just works, it feels more natural.

You will still fail to match some of the performance features of top-end fuel vehicles. Compared to an average car, though, EVs more than hold their own.

Q3. Which EV Model Should I Choose?

Tesla has naturally grabbed all the headlines in recent times. However, you can check out an online guide to the upcoming EV releases to learn about the options. In truth, the versatility of the marketplace is one of the reasons that it has become more common for drivers to make the switch. It is now possible to find an EV that matches your style.

The used marketplace has become blessed with a greater volume of used EVs. do your research, speak to other owners, and seek expert advice to find your dream drive.

Q4. What Other Features Should I Choose?

As with buying a standard car, your choice of EV model is only one key factor. There are plenty of add-ons that you may wish to consider to create a personalised and comfortable drive. Meanwhile, you need to look at the best home chargers for your ride. After all, getting to station chargers is one area where tech is still lacking.

It is a situation that is set to improve over the years to come. Still, if you want to get the most out of the electric vehicle from the start, you must not overlook the accessories.

Q5. Will I Enjoy It?

The thought of driving an EV is mainly about doing your bit for society. Despite all the upgrades in recent years, you will still lose a little something of what traditional cars offer. On the flip side, though, you will feel a sense of self-satisfaction that cannot be matched. Meanwhile, the fact that you’re driving new tech that many don’t is a source of joy.

Does that vindicate spending money on an EV and making the transition? Only you can tell. If you’re considering this move, booking a test drive is highly advised.

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