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James Curries’ Land Rover 90 Project: Part 1

FunRover Reader Jame's gives us a run down of his Project 90 respray

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

December 12, 2011

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I had been looking for a 90 for a while. I have had Range Rovers, and a Disco but still wanted a 90/Defender, so when this one was offered to me I thought....why not?

In a way, I kind of wished I had bought another disco or RR, but then I would have still wanted a defender! It had 6 moths MOT, and was priced at £2999, I took it for a test drive and it seemed to drive ok, I had a good look round the chassis and spotted a couple of holes.

Just to make sure, i got him to put it through another MOT, just to see what it threw up.

The holes in the chassis were not a fail, but he welded them up anyway as they came up as an advisory, the top mount on the front shock was a fail, so that was replaced, it threw up a couple of other advisory issues, seat belts frayed, and other small items.
But other than that, 12 months MOT.

The previous owner had a "squabble" with an ex and it had some paint stripper poured over the side. So that will need to be sorted.

I have decided that I like the satin black look

So thats what I am aiming for.

First job was to check out the rear x member, as it had some suspicious looking checker plate

All clean, so a coat of satin black to cover up any bare metal and result

I will be taking it back to bare metal and giving it a proper paint job.

I decided to start on the black paint job, this will not be a pro effort, It's a small budget project so the less I can spend the better.

Had a bit of a reaction I need to take back and re-do.

I found a good set of checker plate on ebay, and that will be shot blasted and sprayed black.

I am still looking at a long list of jobs, but I will take them one day at a time

It will make a good project I think.

What do you think to James' 90 Project?

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  1. Pete C says:

    Awesome, super project! I too like the satin black look. Needs some better wheels (bigger, and in black!) and tyres though! 😉

  2. Mariusz says:

    Hi I am looking to buy a Defender 90 and go ahead to make it an Urban Truck. I was always a great fun of this car but what puts me off is the cost of buying a decent looking car and the huge number of versions. I look at a car from 1998 onwards. Could you suggest what would be the best engine and where to look in the car in order to avoid a disaster later on…

    Great Fun of Def 90

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