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Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

December 11, 2011

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It's often said that there's no stopping a Land Rover. But sometimes, just sometimes, when the moon aligns just right with the sun, our favourite rashes of bacon fly and the fiery underworld is covered in a crystal glitter, they get stuck. But when they come  unstuck, it certainly makes for an epic picture.

Not sure what's going on here, but they've taken the time to remove snow from the windows, registration plate and main car body but left half a tonne of snow on the roof?

A really well timed picture, an LR22 Range Rover Vogue sits stranded whilst a P38 toodles past. Driving in snowy & icy conditions requires extreme concentration, not paying attention for a few seconds can be the difference between driving and sliding into a rather deep ditch.

Another angle. That's quite a drop and would have caught the driver by surprise no doubt!

This Range Rover Classic was parked up on a beach and before

There's a rather interesting story behind this stolen 110 Hicap. Apparently the drunken miscreants stole the vehicle, took it onto a golf course, where they promptly crashed and were found the next day asleep in the back, dressed as pirates (ED:???). Explain that on the insurance form.

Here's a Freelander that found itself victim of a tide and soft sand. Needless to say, the vehicle was written off.

The incident happened back in 2006, and the Freelander was brand new at the time. That's £20,000 stuck in the mud and totally ruined. Ouch! The tracks leading up to it are from an attempted rescue team of trucks, who themselves became stuck.

Unfortunately, the vehicle couldn't be rescued in time and spent a whole day in the drink, before it was rescued the next morning.

This pool is very deceptive, it looks like a nice shallow puddle, but in actual fact can swallow an entire 110 whole. Rule number one, if in doubt, get out.... and walk the route. Muddy water is always an unknown quantity due to zero visibility.

Not sure about the details here, that ground looks pretty solid under the truck, so it's going to take a large amount of digging and scraping to get this trailer free. Let's just say, the newness will have well and truly worn off.

Another 110 get's stuck in a soft pond bed. Mud at the bottom of these tends to be super slick and often just straight-up clay. You need to keep forward momentum, otherwise, you'll find yourself paddling like this owner.

If you've ever wondered what JATE rings are for on military Land Rover's, they can be used to lift the vehicle, complete with a trailer already attached if needed. If only we had a chinook, the practical jokes you could play...

Have you found yourself in a tricky situation with your Land Rover? Ever found your Landy stuck in an 'inconvenient development'. Feel free to share it with the FunRover community.

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