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The Ford F-150; A Legacy of a Truck

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December 8, 2020


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Finding used parts can be a bit of challenging trying to source various components and pieces from different suppliers. However, with Ford F-150 engines and transmissions, it doesn’t need to be a digital treasure hunt. Our inventory of full blocks and transmission cores come complete and comprehensive so you can get everything you need for an F-150 truck built in one place. This cuts down the time, confusion and chase trying to build everything piecemeal, saves you energy and money, and you get to your build faster versus weighting for the next shipment to arrive with a missing part.

Our inventory includes all types of engines and transmissions for the F-150. We have 4-speed to 6-speed options, as well as both automatic and manual choices for transmissions. Depending on what you’re trying to build or replace, we can get you matched with the exact factory model for that year and make or we can help you upgrade correctly with the right step-up package available.

A Long-term Legacy

The beauty of the F-150 has been its long production run from Ford. One of the few other vehicles that has as long a legacy in modern times has been the Ford Ranger, no surprise from the same truck manufacturer. Because of this robust production, sourcing and making available complete F-150 engines and F-150 transmissions has become our specialty, and we’re able to provide customers extensive identification support for what they need in a given build. Another big advantage has been the fact that much of the F-150 inventory available shares a commonality on the 302 CI engine model. That redundancy from year to year makes it also quite possible to upgrade or improve a build from a tired only unit to a newer, better used F-150 engine or used F-150 transmission that runs the same way because it’s built on the same design.

Recent Production Runs Included

The shift in recent years has moved to an F-150 aluminum block motor with an aluminum head. Folks will find these in the latest F-150 engine models like the 5.4 liter version as well as the 4.6 Romeo or Windsor engines. Again, because we keep track of the evolving inventory for used and rebuilt F-150 transmission stock, we can easily guide customers through these modifications and how best to apply them in a current build. Give us a call or email and we can get started on sourcing and identifying which inventory we have that works best for your project. Our inventory techs are online and ready to help when you need it.

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