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The Best Driving Video Game Series Out There

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December 8, 2020


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Many of us love driving and spending time behind the wheel, but in the midst of winter 2020, it can be that our options for actually going places is limited. If you’re tired of taking aimless drives and feeling irresponsible for doing so, at least when your region is under the harshest Covid-19 lockdown, an alternative does exist.

It might not be a 1:1 replacement, but you can find a lot of enjoyment playing racing video games. If you haven’t done this for a while, odds are you’ll be amazed at the incredible fidelity these titles offer. But as the video game industry has expanded, it’s quite impressive to see just how many series are out there now. From Drift Hunters that can be played in a web browser, to fully immersive titles that offer support for complete virtual driving apparatus options, such as steering wheels, knowing which one to choose is actually quite difficult.

So - what are the best driving video game series out there? Let’s consider that, below:


Forza, developed by Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios and published by Microsoft, is one of the highest-fidelity racing simulator on the market right now. Forza offers two mainline series, Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon. Forza Motorsport is on its 7th iteration as of the time of this writing, while Horizon is on its 4th.

What helps Forza stand apart is its dedication to real racing culture. Motorsport is perhaps the easiest to suggest here, as it offers amazing tracks, real racing brands that offer their support for the in-game designs, as well as a range of integrations for racing wheels and other peripherals. Horizon is the ‘fun series,’ where silly races, car modifications and fun expansions (such as LEGO racers) are added. These titles are fun for both racing nuts and casual drivers alike, and their careful recreation of many famous roads allows for a sense of primacy and realism.

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa is widely compatible with a range of peripherals, making it the racing simulation fanatic’s best choice. Here, amazing fidelity, incredible 1:1 driving simulations, a real dedication to the history and craft of automotive and amazing racing simulation effects, like the weather, culminating in one of the most impressive games out there. Assetto Corse can be fully modded, and regularly offers additional content packs with real-life cars, their depictions licensed by the manufacturers themselves. If you’re looking to get into the nitty-gritty of digital racing without feeling as though you’re playing a video game, this is one of the best options for you.


Dirt is known for its off-road mechanics and simulations, with Dirt Rally one of the most famous global racing game brands out there. From showcasing real tracks to extremely convincing dirt and handling simulations, throwing your vehicle around corners at a breakneck pace and handling the intensive drift loose roads offer is an amazing experience to have. Of course, it’s not likely that many of us will race in an official rally setting, or even experience this outside of basic, off-road driving from time to time, so this can be a fantastic means of exploring something new in a safe and enjoyable setting.

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo is known as one of the oldest racers, and that’s because it’s had a presence since even the earliest consoles were out. It still remains a fantastic simulation racer, offering a great set of amazing racetracks, full functionality with the most amount of racing peripherals, is fully functional on consoles, and the old titles are still available to play.

One thing that sets apart Gran Turismo from other racers is how reactive, realistic and impressive its racer AI is. That means driving on the tracks against other racers can be a challenge, as they will use intensive and lifelike means of besting you going forward. This means it takes nerve and skill to turn corners, to better modify and tune your vehicle, and to stay present on the road than in other titles. For those looking for an exacting experience, perhaps hoping to emulate that which they’ve seen on the television, this can be a fantastic alternative choice.

Notable Alternatives

These are nowhere near the only racing games out there. It may be that you would also like to try The Crew, an arcade racer developed by Ubisoft, The Burnout series for its hilarious all-out action, or Need for Speed, one of the hallmark racing series people know and love.

No matter you’re choice, with these titles, you’re sure to have a great time on the virtual roads.

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