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Top 5 Best Special Edition Defenders

5 of the coolest Defenders ever made? Let us know what you think...

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

December 6, 2010

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There's been a fair few Special Edition Defenders over the years, so we're picking 5 of the very best (and bizarre). Here are the best looking, best made and most considerate customisations around.

1. Piet Boon Defender

The Piet Boon Defender is actually a rather subtle (ish) attempt to make a modern, urban Defender. It's the result of a collaboration between Dutch designers Piet Boon and Land Rover Netherlands, to benefit the charity, Drive Against Malaria. Piet Boon is a renowned interior designer, but turning his hands to a Landy has made a very unique, clean and modern looking vehicle. Perhaps Land Rover should put this beasty into production before the introduction of the new Defender model.

At the time of release, Boon said:


Piet Boon on the PB Defender:

In my approach, I have the vehicle in contemporary finesse, and on the other hand I have chosen to use original materials to bring it back to the past.

Not sure what that means but he's done a good job.

Some of the special features include black Boost alloy wheels, along with a matching black headlining. The company has added new, more dynamic looking air intakes and given the Defender a larger bumper up front.

2. DMC Defender

The DMC Defender by Daur Performance has to be our all time favorite Land Rover Defender. It's the meanest, coolest Defender around - it looks positively evil. The list of customizations are never-ending. Not a lot is known specifically about the truck, further adding to the mystery surrounding it. From what we know about Daur Performance and can see from pictures, it's based on a 110 (obviously) has a full roll cage, has seen some significant performance upgrades (and Daur sell the Garret modified turbo for the TD5, which can produce 220bhp+) as well as several bespoke creations, such as a rally raid style front bumper and matte black paint with understated DMC graphics.

Subtle graphics on the awesome graphite satin effect paint.

Check out the custom bumper, steering guard and rock sliders, with holes machined in. Looks mean!

The bumper has 4 lights in.

The roll cage also has a safari roof type set-up, with an extra skin over the roof.

It's got some power to boot!

3. SVX Defender

To celebrate 60 years of Land Rover, the green oval created a commemorative special-edition Defender. It's a very modern, demure looking Land Rover and we like it a lot. The SVX features special matte paint (seems to be the thing at the moment) and is available as a soft-top or station wagon. There are no color options, it's noir or nowt. A very slick Defender!

4. Fire and Ice

A sort of expansion on the SVX, the Fire and Ice Defenders are only available in a handful of countries (and not the UK), these look very much like differently colored SVX models. Apparently, Land Rover were inspired by different terrains in the design and color choice for the vehicles. Featuring leather and Alcantara trim, color-coded head- and tail-lights, a glass sunroof panel and diamond-turned alloy wheels, these truly are a unique looking set of Landy's.

5. Startech Yachting Edition

And now, perhaps the most bizarre of them all, the Startech Yachting Edition Defender, a hyper luxurious Defender. Everything is color coded, the front bumper, seat backs even the rear cross member. Across the front sit the SVX Headlights and Grill. Inside cab, there's an integrated touch screen navigation system, high-end surround sound system and wooden floors. Yes, that's right! The Yachting Edition sits on 265 / 75 16 inch SVX wheels, giving the car a beefier look. You'll fit right in at the local marina, in what is basically a Range Rover squashed into a Defenders body.

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  1. Peter Clarke says:

    I have to agree on the DMC Defender. Ever since I saw the video on YouTube, I immediately wanted one! A 90 version of it would be awesome too. The same company have made a few editions of 110 Td5s, they all make my tuned Td5 look slightly sluggish! Great post, not seen the Yachting one before.

  2. Tim says:

    I’m a big fan of the Startech Defender – externally at least!

  3. Bat says:

    Just a month ago another sick defender has reveiled by Prindiville Design. It seems this post written a long time ago. Next when you update your list, you have to name 10 best special editions, such as Tomb Raider, 90 by Overfinch, Twisted Performance French Edition, so on

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