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Land Rovers keep UK moving

Find out about the efforts of 4x4 response groups, many of them Land Rover drivers, during harsh winter weather.

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

December 4, 2010

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For those of you outside the UK, we are having a rather large serving of snow at the moment. Well, at least for this little island country. As one US friend scoffed the other day "3 or 4 inches? We get 5 in October!". But, this isn't the US and Land Rover response groups and owners have been doing an excellent job of keeping the country running, getting help to those who need it most. Here's a round-up of all the brilliant work Landy drivers have done.

Land Rover keeps Red Cross moving

Land Rover UK have loaned the Red Cross four vehicles that are desperately needed to move its teams around the country.

An emergency protocol agreement with Land Rover means that the supremely capable 4x4 vehicles are on standby to be loaned out on a short-term basis in emergency situations, helping many more teams of Red Cross volunteers to get through to those who desperately need their help. In 2008, Land Rover permanently donated 30 vehicles to the Red Cross. Equipped with life-saving first aid and medical equipment, the vehicles are frequently used to access and care for those in hard-to-reach places.

These vehicles will be in operation around Cumbria and Nottinghamshire, allowing Red Cross staff to get to those in the most severely affected areas.

Here's 2 cases the Landys helped on

• In Matlock, Derbyshire, volunteers responded at first on foot and then using a 4x4 vehicle to reach a casualty suffering a cardiac arrest. They provided prompt clinical care and used a defibrillator on the casualty before the ambulance and paramedics arrived.

• In Worksop, Nottinghamshire, a crew of volunteers assisted by a 4x4 worked throughout the afternoon and into the evening to assist patients discharged from Bassetlaw Community Hospital, and helped to transport vital healthcare staff through the treacherous road conditions.

The vehicles will continue to help local ambulance services, transport nursing staff to the elderly and also those with critical needs. This comes as Land Rover pledge to two humanitarian schemes in Sierra Leone and China, that will help over 120,000 people over the next 3 years.


4x4 Groups

Response Groups have been doing a sterling job through the bad weather spell. They have been supremely busy and at times will have gone without comfort and sleep - we'd like to personally thank them for their hard work and self-sacrificing spirit. They are doing an excellent job and some great pro-4x4 public relations.

Find out more info at:


And finally, some videos of Land Rovers towing, pulling and plowing cars out of danger.

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