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We decided to make today a 'test' day. We jumped in the Landy and made for the snowy hills of Huddersfield in order to review some products and take some wintery photos. Conditions were excellent for testing a Land Rover to extremes and as always, the 90 coped with just about everything thrown at it. Here are the snaps we took.

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

December 1, 2010

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You can see here the sheer amount of snow. This wasn't the deepest section we drove through but it just stuck to everything. We set straight off again after this pic. The brushed snow on the rear wing, well, you'll see how that happened shortly.

Drifting snow, just piled up. Really need a snow cover for the air vent!

Yes, this bloke has the perfect idea. A soviet tank. Bet he never gets stuck!

Unlike us muppets! Here we are properly stuck. It wasn't the Landy though, more the driver to blame. Too busy looking at the scary cliff to the left than the snow smothered heather bank and concealed ditch to the right.

Turns out the ditch was actually very deep. We lost traction even with Diff lock, most likely both wheels on the left side were spinning. After about 20 minutes we dug, pushed and rocked our way out. All good fun! Fortunately, this was a heather bank and not a wall. We didn't leave any damage either which is a mega bonus.

Lovely old Series 3 well and truly snowed in.

Some poor horses. Must be freezing.

Much like the radiator. It was completely packed with snow. Really need a Radiator Muff. Or just forget that and get a snow plough...

Snow needed to be removed from the headlights, registration plate and radiator often.

Headlights became even less effective than normal!

Bear in mind we hadn't stopped for more than 2 mins on our trip, this was all built up whilst driving. Defender lapped it up though and still didn't overheat or under-perform.

Wheels packed with snow!

Snow gets literally everywhere!

Even underneath!

Still going...

And going...

And posing for a picture

Hope a company starts making wheels that look like this, they are super cool (pun intended).

A Drifting bank of snow, which was blowing sideways into the Landy. Not a good time to open the window, but the co-driver did for a nice picture (and face full of ice)

It looked as though it was clearing. But it wasn't. Check out the frozen river under the bridge centre bottom.

Making our way up a 60MPH road that was literally snowed in.

View from the hill.

Think this is a heather of some sort.

Never noticed the Landy was so off white before.

After our brush with death.

Me getting my own back as the navigator slips perfectly in time with taking this picture.

Well done Winton for getting us through a fun test day. Stay tuned for more reviews shortly! If you have any pictures of your Land Rover covered in snow, do feel free to email them to hello(at) and we'll feature them on the blog.

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  1. Matt says:

    Awesome photos as usual.

    Very jealous of all your snow – still nothing down here in Devon.

    It sux!

  2. Wanderer says:

    Will send some photos of my Disco posing in the snow.

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