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New FunRover Camera: Canon 60D

If you've been following us on Twitter for the last few days, you'll have noticed the constant tweets about DHL, cameras and the like. Well, the new camera has finally arrived.

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

February 22, 2011

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This is going to be the work horse of an entirely new branch of FunRover, separate from the blog. It will also replace our 5 year old Nikon D50 as the blogs main DSLR.

However, the best part of this new camera? It shares the same innards as a camera that has been used to shoot a film at the cinemas (well, in South Africa, but it still counts). It's older brother has made it's way into regular use on TV and films also - it was used to record a whole episode of Sky One's "House" and BBC's Hustle are considering using it. Anyway, the quality of the video is mega. It gives lovely, warm images with lot's of DoF and rivals that of equivalent camcorders. So, with that in mind, we're starting to do video reviews and fitting guides. We're still working over the final details of this and there's a massive amount of equipment that still needs purchasing to do so (mics, battery packs, proper tripods, sliders, jibs, dollys, lights, stabilizers, camera rigs e.t.c) but once we're set-up the plan is to do full length video reviews, factory tours and fitting guides. We may also look into videoing a set of green lanes, readers cars e.t.c The scope's there and the possibilities are quite endless. Anyway, to sum up this rather arcane and dull post (unless you are a huge camera geek) here's a few pics taken with the new camera.

Personally, I've quite fallen for the 1.8 50mm Prime lens that we purchased separately from the camera body. It's a fantastic little thing! The build feels almost toy like, but it offers brilliant image quality and lovely blurry backgrounds and crisp images. Anyway, that's enough camera geekery for a Land Rover blog.

Abstract of the brake disc and wheel rim

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