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Snow Hunting: Find the Snow

Want to find where it's snowing? Follow this guide.

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

November 25, 2010

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Driving your off-road vehicle in conditions it was designed for is exciting and great fun. When the snow came last year, Land Rover owners round the country took to the streets to rescue the stranded and generally save the day. If you're sat at home and feeling generous, or just looking for somewhere to go drive in the snow, then you should check out the Twitter powered #uksnow site. Essentially Twitter users are able to create a UK wide log of snowfall and the ensuing map propagates the depth, heaviness and real-time location.

A band of snow can clearly be seen across the North East down through Yorkshire. This has been user generated, each tweet rating the snow. Where the snow is more clustered together, more Tweets have been logged here, indicating a more accurate result.

An example snow tweet.

Adding your own log is very simple.

Tweet the hashtag #uksnow, the first half of your postcode, and rate the snow that is falling out of ten (0/10 for nothing, 5/10 for steady snow and 10/10 for arctic blizzard conditions).

Optionally, you can include the depth of snow (cm or inches), attach a photo and add a description to your tweet.

And finally, to inspire you all to get out there helping those in need, some videos from YouTube of Land Rovers making daring rescues in last winters snow.

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