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MUD Curry Hook Review

We review the MUD Curry Hook - the perfect accessory for making the cab of your Land Rover that bit more practical in everyday use.

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

October 20, 2010

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£2.50 really doesn't go a long way anymore. It'll buy you 5.55 (EDIT: Now only 4.16!) Mars Bars (surely only enough for one sitting?) and not much else. What if we said you could purchase a seriously useful and quality part for your Land Rover for £2.50? Think we're mad? Meet the MUD Curry Hook.

The humble MUD Curry Hook

The MUD Curry Hook is very versatile, mounting to most surfaces with a solid backing, providing a secure fixing point from which to hang coats, bags and most importantly your Saturday night takeaway!

The hook blends perfectly with the standard finish of your Land Rover. It's very subtle - which is ideal. Land Rover
and 'bling' is just plain wrong!

Fixing the hook in place is incredibly simple. Simply position the hook where you'd like it fixed, mark up the holes, drill them and then use 2 self-tapping screws. Once you've done that, snap the plastic cover over the screw cavity and you're left with a flush, clean finish. That's all there is to it! The best thing about the MUD Hook is that it looks very much like a standard Land Rover part, with a subtle mottled texture that suits most LR interiors. We're a big fan of standard looking accessories - otherwise your dashboard can start to look quite messy.

We've mounted ours into the sub-frame of the lower Defender dash - this gives added strength when supporting weighty curry orders.

Not that you can only fix the hook to your dash. It could be screwed into any solid surface on your Landy to make a hanger for spare clothing, cargo-nets tow ropes, tool-bags, lashing, lamps - anything you need to place out of the way. MUD Curry Hooks really tidy up the interior of your Land Rover and provide storage that simply isn't provided in a Land Rover from the factory.


To give the MUD Hook a real test, there was only one thing for it! A run onto the local Chinese shop (we're dedicated to giving our readers the most complete, concise reviews possible). Order collected, we placed the heaving bag onto the hook. Land Rovers are not renowned for their smooth rides, but the Hook helps reduce the effect of bumps and jolts on your tea! This works great and also means your passenger no longer has a (hopefully) red-hot meal singeing their laps. It also stops curry sauce sloshing all over your foot-well. The Hook performed as it was designed to.

We've also taken care to place this out of the way of a passenger's knee.


We've had a Curry Hook in our Land Rover for 3 years now. We've since bought a further 2! Mud now do a single pronged Hook for small spaces, which is to be used in our Workvan for hanging coats. We added a second 2 prong Curry Hook to the Land Rover's rear side panel. This is the perfect place to hang coats, without creasing them or putting the clothing at risk of getting muddy / oily / e.t.c. Highly recommended after extended testing!

Factory-finish style mottling looks good.

The extension seen on the right actually folds over the two screw holes, to hide these away. It can be re-opened with care to remove the hook.

The design is simple and hard-wearing. Perfect for your typical Land Rover owner.

Also makes a good hook for air-fresheners.

No, this is not filled with tasty curry unfortunately...

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  1. Michelle says:

    Wow, very in-depth review! Thanks guys, this looks like a cracking little product.

  2. Tobias says:

    Stumbling on your site really made my day. You have no idea.

  3. I’m getting one of these in the CSW. Have you checked out the MUD console? very late Td5 ish! Not a bad bling upgrade if you’ve got extra switches or guages. Have a look. K.

    • Ben Gribbin Ben Gribbin says:

      We’re hoping to do a review of the MUD console, after we’ve bought an iPad. Plan is to merge the two. We do have a MUD rear door trim panel to fit though and well be reviewing that soon. It looks great!

  4. Billious says:

    Ive fitted a handful of these around my CSW, having once spit a bottle of milk (which will never e forgtten for the whole time you own that vechicle) I can say that one of these in the right place is invalubl. Highly recomended. (as are the Mud Rails)

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