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SGS Engineering 2 Ton Engine Crane Review

We review the 2 Ton engine hoist from SGS Engineering and it's perfectly suited to the needs of your average Land Rover owner

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

January 15, 2015

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In this post, we're reviewing the SGS Engineering 2 Ton Engine crane. We originally found the crane whilst looking for a good value engine hoist to use whilst repairing the clutch on our Land Rover Defender. We’ve been using it now for over 6 months and have been very impressed by it’s build quality and usefulness around the workshop.


  • 2 ton maximum lifting capacity, which is more than enough for replacing a Land Rover engine, or a gearbox removal
  • 25mm to 2450mm lifting range. This high lifting range makes it perfect for use with Land Rovers, compensating for the larger ground clearance of the vehicle
  • 4 jib positions allow you to get the crane into small spaces and use under low ceilings
  • Folds away for easy storage, perfect if you have a small garage with little spare room
  • CE Marked - The crane has met certain safety requirements for a garage tool of this type
  • Covered by a 2 year warranty.
  • Full parts and servicing are available

There are cranes of a much higher price that lack some of the above specs - which is all the more surprising when this crane is currently on special offer at £124.99 + VAT (and free postage and packaging).


The crane is operated by a powerful hyraulic jack, using the provided jacking handle - just like a traditional bottle jack. The jack is solid, holds weight well and there is little to no play in the mechanism. The whole unit feels very well constructed. SGS deliver the crane ‘flatpacked’ so you’ll need a few large adjustable spanners to assemble. A nice feature of this crane over competitors' offerings is that it includes a manavouring handle - this works perfectly when the crane is loaded, making shifting the weight around more managable. There’s also a neat holder for the jacking handle when not in use.


The folding leg mechanism, which uses a similar pin set-up , allows the 2 legs to be folded away in 2 minutes. Adjusting the crane length is also acheived with similar pins that fit into marked holes in the boom. Each hole has it’s accompanying maximum weight clearly marked above it.


The castors are heavy duty, but roll with little effort on a concrete surface. They swivel to make finite positioning of the crane a cinch. The finish is tough, the powder coated components resisting scratches from tools or engine parts rubbing against them.


Included with the crane is a small lifting chain and hook, but you’ll need rated shackles and straps or chains swell as a load leveller if you’re going to be lifting heavy items from confined spaces (like an engine bay). SGS stock those on their website. The boom arm and main support have additional bracing to add extra strength and the whole thing feels well thought out. In the box you’ll find all necessary fixings and an easy to follow manual.


The crane is receiving rave reviews online, in fact, quite a number from fellow Land Rover enthusiasts. Do give those a read through before purchasing. If you’re planning on removing your Landy engine, or carrying out an engine swap - then this crane will pay for itself. It’s a fantastic bit of equipment to have in your workshop and we highly reccomend it! For more information visit this link.


Well made, well priced - spot on really. Works as it should and we could not recommend it more for DIY and home users

  • Build Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Fitting
  • FunRover Rating

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