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FunRover was set-up by British Land Rover Fan, Ben Gribbin. Ben spends most of his day working as a freelance writer and consultant to internet start-ups. In the meantime, he works tirelessly on a rolling-upgrade of FunRover's Winton to suit his ideal vision of a Land Rover and crafting awesome content for

Formed in 2010, FunRover aims to be the best source of Land Rover related articles, containing tips, guides, info, news and how-to's.We're looking to build a community-powered site and we'd love to feature you, your Land Rover or your cross-country trip. You should get in touch with us via the contact form on our contact page. Likewise, if you enjoy sharing your expertise with other Land Rover owners, then do get in touch - we're on the look out for those with serious Land Rover knowledge and who have some experience in writing.

Our Aims

  • Review and Test useful & interesting products
  • Offer un-biased, honest advice
  • Help owners in making decisions about future purchased
  • Give potential Land Rover Owner's guidance on what owning a Land Rover is like
  • Cover the world of Land Rovers
  • Create a friendly community for new and veteran owners to take part in
  • Help find and locate stolen Land Rovers

We cover every conceivable type of Land Rover use, from over-landing the Sahara in your Defender to tearing up pay and play sites in your modified Discovery. If you like Land Rover's, you'll love FunRover - the Land Rover blog for Landy nuts.

Please do enjoy FunRover and get involved to make it the best site for Land Rover Nut's online!

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FunRover is a place for Land Rover enthusiasts to gather as a community and discuss the best 4x4 vehicles ever produced. We're building a library of high quality resources & articles to help owners along in their Land Rover ownership.

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